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Why Consumers Love 3D and AR

It's Interactive

Shoppers who interact with 3D and AR product models add-to-cart at a 20% higher rate.

It’s Engaging

78% of customers say 3D and
AR models helped them make a purchase.

It’s Realistic

3D and AR experiences are popular and often shared. Realistic models build trust.


Try it Out Yourself

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Turn Images Into 3D/AR Models

DemoUp Cliplister provides the only 3D/AR asset creation service that generates 3D product models without requiring shipping. All we need are your product images, the information from your product detail pages and some general specifications.

Syndicate Directly to Leading Retailers

Automatically publish your 3D and AR product models above the fold at the world’s leading retailers. All your retailers need are a few lines of code and your 3D and augmented reality experiences instantly display in the image galleries.

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Make Better Business Decisions

Get all the data you need to make data-driven decisions. See views, add-to-cart rates and other relevant statistics related to your product models. Make better strategic decisions, boost your revenue and achieve your eCommerce goals with detailed analytics.

How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect and answer our customers’ most common questions about 3D models and AR experiences for eCommerce.

DemoUp Cliplister creates 3D and AR product models using a team of specialists. Simply submit some images, product detail page information and general specifications and your 3D/AR product models for eCommerce applications are ready in a few weeks. There is no shipping required.

3D and AR product models are perfect for eCommerce product configurators, room design applications and virtual try-on software. If you have any other questions about pricing and features or if you need any other type of assistance, send a message to

Users love 3D and augmented reality content because it helps them imagine what life would be like with your product in it.

Customers who interact with 3D and AR product models add items to their carts 20% more often.

Several eCommerce companies have also reported a 10%-40% increase in sales conversions by implementing 360-degree spin views.

Implementing 3D and augmented reality on your site is as easy as copying and pasting a few lines of code.

If you use the DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel, you can automatically distribute your 3D and augmented reality content to retailers.

If you’re a shop with access to DemoUp Cliplister’s product content syndication platform for retailers, you get 3D and AR models from brands on your PDPs as soon as you embed the code.

Yes. The 3D and AR models are perfect for mobile devices. Users simply scan a QR code and enjoy seeing how your product fits into their daily lives.

The 3D and AR content creation process starts with a consultation.

Once we have an understanding of your requirements, our team creates 3D models using images and specifications from what’s already on your product description page.

This is all the information the team needs to create breathtakingly accurate representations of your products.

Pricing varies on your company’s individual needs. There are many factors that can affect pricing, so we recommend you talk to one of our E-Commerce Specialists for a quote.

3D and AR product models on a retailer's product detail page.

Bring Your Products to Life

Turn your retailers’ product detail pages into online shopping experiences.

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