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DemoUp Cliplister vs Cloudinary

DemoUp Cliplister
Centralised Asset Storage
Version Control
Dynamic Image Delivery
Video & 3D Syndication
Detailed Content Analytics & Data Insights
Automated Content Localisation
User-Friendly Interface

Why do the world's biggest eCommerce companies choose DemoUp Cliplister over Cloudinary?

There's no debate – DemoUp Cliplister is the best alternative to Cloudinary for e-commerce. A powerful yet simple API means you can spend more time on product media and less on coding.


The only alternative to Cloudinary custom-built for eCommerce applications

Don't settle for Cloudinary's pre-built workflows or complex API. Get a DAM built for you that scales easily as you grow.


Keep existing workflows

Keep your current workflows with a powerful API. Easy-to-use application programming interface (API) integrations let you combine every aspect of the system into your existing processes and workflows.

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Exchange product media in real-time

Tap into our product media syndication network and integrate videos, 3D/AR models, and more above the fold, directly in the product gallery.

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Localise content for any market

Optimise product videos and images for any market by automatically translating metadata into relevant languages. Create unlimited image variations from one primary file.

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Store, manage, find and share any file

  • Upload videos, images, 3D/AR, PDFs, WIPs or any other file type.
  • Use an AI-powered search function to find any file in seconds.
  • Create Zip files for sharing or static embed links.
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Optimise the full asset lifecycle

Know who makes changes to any asset, where each piece of content is live, when it was shared, and track important metrics like views, mapped pages, and more.

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Ready to switch to DemoUp Cliplister?

The process of moving from another digital asset management system to DemoUp Cliplister couldn't be simpler. Just import your existing assets and media into DemoUp Cliplister and display visual product content on all relevant PDPs.

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Without a doubt, the perfect DAM for any eCommerce team

No matter your vertical or use case, we have a solution for you. Take a look.

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Marketing Teams

Unify your team, stay on brand, and ensure consistent product communications across the network. When you can simplify content management like this, you’ll wonder how you worked any other way.

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eCommerce Teams

Combine our DAM with any PIM system and keep product content flowing. When eCommerce teams can accelerate time to market, and boost ATC conversions, it’s easy to see why they love DemoUp Cliplister.

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Put your content where it counts – on the product pages of 500+ online shops. We have everything you need to streamline your content pipeline, from creation, to management, to publication.

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Online Shops

Access a network with exclusive content from over 3,000 of the world’s biggest brands. Automate content acquisition, eliminate DRM requests, and focus on what really matters – converting.

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Keep the workflows you like with the DAM system you'll love.

Connect your existing PIM, MDM, and product data feeds with custom integrations built for your needs.

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Over 2,500 brands and retailers choose DemoUp Cliplister

Every day, the world's biggest eCommerce brands and shops use DemoUp Cliplister to automate product media workflows

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