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Save time and manual work. Get rid of outdated content on product pages

We connect your content
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One Hub to all Retailers

Get rid of sending your content manually. Upload it once and it’s spread to
300+ online shops.

Control your Brand Experience

In our content hub you are always in control of your content. Manage updates centrally with us.

Insightful Analytics

Get important statistics on the video usage to optimize your video strategy.

Content implementation above the fold

For a Unique Brand Experience in Retail

Consumers love visual content. Make sure your products are presented in the best way. Even on retailer channels where your influence is often limited.

We help you ensuring a unique brand experience by perfectly enriching your products with videos and 3D models.

Fast & Easy

Distribute your Content to All Retailers

Upload your videos and 3D models once and chose to which markets and retailers you want to distribute them. Keep 100% control over your content.

Win Win

Manage + Syndicate your Content at the same Time

Our Brand Channel is the only syndication platform that comes with a powerful and feature-rich DAM functionality:

  • Upload files from anywhere - fast and securely
  • Use a single file upload, bulk import or an API integration with your existing CMS, PIM or MAM
  • Use folders and labels to efficiently structure the files
  • Use powerful filters to search & find your content
  • Generate download or embedding links of your files for external partners or marketing colleagues

Many more valuable eCommerce features! 2,000+ leading brands can't be wrong!

Improve your content

Get Access to Unique Data Analytics

Gain valuable insights on your content performance at your retail partners. Use actionable data to permanently improve your content.