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Control the entire lifecycle of your digital assets in our cloud-based Digital Asset Management Platform.
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Manage all asset types.

DemoUp Cliplisters Digital Asset Management cloud enables you to save images, videos, 3D, 360-degree, VR, PDFs, and in fact almost any file format you choose to upload.

Your assets can be organised into a multi-level folder structure that you can create tailored precisely to your requirements. Assets can also be assigned to one or many categories, and individually added to collections that you curate for sharing. Embargo dates can be set for each asset so it is only available when the brand needs it to be.

Upload & Import

Single & bulk upload.

Upload all kinds of asset from anywhere, fast and securely. On request, we can provide secure storage on servers located in Germany. Easy preview generation and automatic video conversion are also featured.

Brands and their partners can add assets as a single file upload, a bulk import or via an API integration with your existing Digital Asset Management System, PIM or Media Asset Management system. Only the high-resolution master asset is required. All subsequent versioning is handled by DemoUp Cliplister’s Dynamic Imaging technology. Assets are verified through a custom pre- processor on upload, then immediately available for use.

Customer Reviews

“If you are buying a DAM system, consider DemoUp Cliplister in the selection process. DemoUp Cliplister is an innovative partner that delivers high quality and inspires through strong customer orientation.”

Stefan Braun, Head of DAM & Content Sourcing
Conrad Electronic SE

Enabling radical digital asset growth.​

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Master your own data model.

Each asset includes comprehensive set of metadata. Metadata can be added and modified per asset, or added in bulk via a csv upload. Image recognition automatically creates additional metadata tags based on the actual picture content. Asset titles and descriptions can be stored in multiple languages and keyword translations can be generated with a single click. Article numbers and EANs connect the assets to your product inventory for automated distribution via Live Connect.

Artificial Intelligence Search

Find what you are looking for.

Our DAM offers both a basic and advanced search function. The basic search will return results from titles, keywords and categories. The advanced search enables detailed multi- line queries of asset parameters and metadata through a clear, easy-to-use interface.

Numbers and Facts



320+ Mio.

Digital Assets

4+ Mrd.

Daily requests
Share & distribute

Powerful sharing.

Make use of the advanced sharing capabilities and keep in full control of your digital assets. Share your images, videos, documents or 3D/AR data either password protected or share them by a short link. Update your assets at any time and make sure to always distribute the newest version. Share multiple assets combined as collection and edit the content at every point and time.


Work together.

Define your own asset creation workflow. Numerous options are available from a simple CSV import, to automated continuous synchronisation with your existing CMS, PIM or DAM inventory systems via the DemoUp Cliplister API.

Enterprise Workflows

Work less, automate more.

Customised Digital Asset Management workflows can be configured to follow your own approval process requirements including verifying asset quality, preventing duplication, and ensuring that all mandatory metadatais complete.

Use our DAM’s machine learning engine to train custom models to recognise the content within images and set metadata values, or push into appropriate automated or manual workflows accordingly.

Powerful API

Headless DAM

The Digital Asset Management system comes with full capability for headless usage. Our powerful API enables you to use the whole DAM fully headless. Using the DAM headless is the basic step to fully integrate the Digital Asset Management system into your existing system landscape to enable a seamless customer experience for your users.

Our Unique Features

Automatic Content Syndication

For Brands: 300+ leading online shops in Europe are connected to our DAM. Your content can be distributed automatically to their product pages.

For Retailers:
2,000+ global brands are connected to our DAM. Get all missing visual assets automatically implemented inside of your product pages.

More Information

Automatic Image Optimization

Upload your media files once and optimized file formats for different devices are generated automatically on the fly. Benefit from endless helpful eCommerce features like cropping & resizing all your images with one click.

More Information

And even more features.

Privacy and Security

We adhere to the highest IT security standards. All brand data is stored in ISO 27001 certified data centers in Europe, and in compliance with EU-GDPR data protection regulation. Licence owners have complete control over who has access to their brand’s assets.

Content Delivery

DemoUp Cliplister’s Multi-CDN Content Delivery Network powers high performance asset delivery, with the security of redundant capacity across multiple networks. Our open architecture brings other premium Content Delivery Network providers across the globe into your reach, providing partners and endpoints with appropriate asset formats, targeted by region or category.


We make it easy for you to organise photos, videos, 360o, 3D. Our skinnable asset viewer technology makes the touchpoint for the customer equally simple by displaying all the media types through the same window.

Image Transformation

Only one high-resolution master image needs to be uploaded in the digital asset management system. From this single asset you can create an infinite number of variations. Individual images and image collections are resized and converted to other file types at the point of download. You can create presets to save hours (or days) of manual re-formatting work.

Video Transcoding

Like images, only the highest quality master video needs to be stored. The video can be downloaded in different sizes and formats, or a player embed code that includes the playback settings created and shared.

Asset Analytics

Discover where, when and how your brand assets are performing through the analytics control panel, and regular reports to your email inbox.

The best solution in eCommerce to manage digital assets quickly and easily.

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