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Tailored to Your eCommerce Business

The Best Way to Manage, Share and Deliver Your Media Files

Dynamic Image Delivery

Request images in all formats and dimensions from our Image CDN. Save time and improve page speeds by up to 300%.

Template & Banner Editor

Save time and costs for internal design processes. Let your colleagues create their own marketing assets based on templates. 

Product Content Syndication

Eliminate the manual Back & Forth and share your product content within our network of over 3,000 brands and 350 retailers. 

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Store, Manage and Find Any Asset

Store 3D/AR models, 360° views, videos, images, PDFs or any other file type. Organise your files in folders and connect them to your product inventory using just European article numbers (EANs) and product numbers. Find all assets via an advanced search based on artifical intelligence.

Master Your Data Model

Be fully flexible and implement comprehensive sets of metadata. Instantly translate titles and keywords into multiple languages so you can reach any audience, anywhere, at any time. Automatically create metadata tags using artificial intelligence technology.

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A headless digital asset management software application.

Integrate Existing Workflows

Keep your current workflows with a fully-headless DAM capability. Get the exact DAM system you need for your business instead of changing your internal processes to fit pre-built software. Easy-to-use application programming interface (API) integrations let you combine every aspect of the system into your existing processes and workflows.

Work Better Together

Create collections and share them via a secure, static link so only people you know and trust can access them. Set individual user permissions so only the people who need access to specific files have the ability to read, change or publish them. Syndicate product content via the brand-retailer network.

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Enhance Your Security

DemoUp Cliplister’s DAM system stores files in ISO 27001-certified data centres in Europe in compliance with EU-GDPR data protection laws. As a licence owner, you retain complete control over all assets so you can easily prevent files from displaying after they reach their end of life no matter where they are.

Control the Full Content Lifecycle

Digital Asset Management Software

Cloud-Based Storage

Access your assets from anywhere you have an internet connection.

Secure Multi-CDN Delivery

Redundant capacity and multiple CDNs ensure reliable content delivery.

Natively-Integrated Video Player

Load videos 300% faster than YouTube and embed them on retailer product detail pages.

Fully-Automatic Video Transcoding

Download stored videos in any format for sharing, editing or distribution.

AI-Powered Search Function

Find any asset in seconds using the advanced search function.

Advanced File Sharing

Securely share assets and collections via a static link.

Single & Bulk File Uploads

Upload files individually, in bulk, or via the API.

Store Any Asset

Store 3D/AR models, 360° views, videos, images or any other file type.

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“If you are buying a DAM system, consider DemoUp Cliplister in the selection process. DemoUp Cliplister is an innovative partner that delivers high quality and inspires through strong customer orientation."

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Frequently Asked Questions

We collect and answer the most common questions our customers ask us about our DAM solution.

DemoUp Cliplister’s DAM software is full-cycle storage, management, distribution and analytics platform for all your digital files.

The fully-headless DAM system allows you complete control over your workflows and processes. An easy-to-use API provides you with the ability to build the system around your company.

Fully customisable user permissions mean only the people who need access to specific files can view, edit or publish them, providing you with enhanced security and minimising the risk of mistakes.

For any questions regarding our digital asset management system or questions about pricing, send an email to

A digital asset management system is a centralised platform that stores, organises, optimises, distributes and analyses the performance of various file types. For a more detailed guide about digital asset management, the types of systems available and what each could mean for your business, check out our blog post.

Many enterprises need DAM software to track, maintain, transform and deliver large amounts of files. In the eCommerce world, brands and retailers may need oversight of hundreds of thousands of files. A DAM solution keeps these files in a central location and helps users store, manage, edit and distribute files at scale.

Yes. By using the headless DAM capability, you can integrate DemoUp Cliplister’s digital asset management software into any existing workflow through the API. This is perfect for companies using either large in-house creative teams or for use with external agencies.

Yes. The DAM software utilises our dynamic delivery technology to ensure the proper size and format of any asset for any end-user’s device. 

There is no one-size-fits-all price for our DAM solution. All pricing is done on a bespoke basis using a number of factors so you get the best ROI. To get a quote or see it in action, reach out to a member of the Sales Team.

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Get Your Digital Assets Under Control​

Store, organise, deliver and analyse all of your digital files with ease.

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