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The DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel is the ideal product content syndication solution for brands and manufacturers.

Brand consistency and more sales from your retailers’ product pages with a single click.

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Trusted by the World’s Leading Brands & Retailers

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Bring Your Product Content to Your Retailers' PDPs


Ensure Brand Consistency

Eliminate outdated content and easily distribute your brand assets where they make the biggest impact – above the fold in the image gallery.

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Save Your Team Time

Centrally manage the entire product content distribution chain. Save time with content updates and publishing at 350 of the world’s biggest retailers.

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Drive More Sales

73% of customers say they’d rather learn about a product through a video. Engage with your customers throughout the decision-making process

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Your Content Above the Fold

The Brand Channel puts your videos, 3D models and images in product page galleries at over 350 leading retailers in 25 countries. Get your message out there and build brand awareness. 

Syndicate to the Biggest Retailers

Make changes to your content once and instantly publish it to all your biggest retailers. Eliminate the back and forth while ensuring brand consistency everywhere your products are sold.

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Have a Single Source of Truth

Manage your files at scale with the DemoUp Cliplister digital asset management system. Organise your product content into categories, hierarchies and collections to make finding, sharing and editing a breeze. 

Make Better Decisions

Get important consumer insights and make better decisions around your videos and 3D models. The Brand Channel product content syndication software shows important data like view rates, attention spans, add-to-cart rates and more.

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How It Works

Frequently Asked Questions

We collect and answer the most common questions our customers ask us about the DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel.

The DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel is a product content syndication service that enables brands to connect with their online retailers, instantly share new content like product videos, images, 3D models and other collateral with them, and oversee their content’s performance with clicks, views, and add-to-cart data.

If you have any other questions about pricing or features, or if you need any other type of assistance, feel free to reach out to us at sales@demoup-cliplister.com.

Product content syndication connects you with your retailers and your customers. The DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel optimises video and 3D/AR model delivery, provides oversight of your content’s performance, and ensures you’re always displaying the most up-to-date product content on your retailers’ product detail pages.

Yes. The DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel lets you decide where you syndicate your eCommerce product content. Many brands use this feature, especially when they only sell certain products at specific outlets. Furthermore, you can also set start and end dates for your content to help with seasonal sales or copyright protection.

Yes. The Brand Channel delivers product videos and 3D/AR models optimised for both desktop and mobile devices. The product content syndication platform can even be integrated for display in your company’s mobile and native apps.

You can upload any type of content you wish. You can store and manage your product videos and 3D models for augmented reality from one central hub. The Brand Channel syndicates your product content directly to the product galleries at your leading online retailers. Simply input the metadata and the shops you want it to display in.

Pricing varies on your company’s individual needs. Many factors can affect pricing, so we recommend you get in touch with a member of our Sales Team for a quote.

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Put product videos, images, and 3D models above the fold.

Your content at 350 of the world’s leading online retailers with a single click.

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