eCommerce product videos play an important role for both brands and end customers, serving as powerful tools to initiate and enhance the sales process.

    As videos become an important part of the overall customer experience, an effective video marketing strategy becomes increasingly important. In this article, we explore the benefits of incorporating product videos into your marketing campaigns.

    The targeted use of product videos has an extremely positive impact on conversion rates. The use of moving images in advertising helps customers understand products and correlates directly with new customer acquisition. Detailed videos also prevent bad purchases, reducing the number of returns.

    Should you create a product video? Are your products suitable for one? In the rest of this post, you’ll learn everything you need to know about creating eCommerce product videos, from start to finish.

    1. Learn the Basics of eCommerce Product Videos

    Videos with influencers are examples of user-generated eCommerce product videos.
    Videos with influencers are examples of user-generated eCommerce product videos.

    A brand’s eCommerce video marketing strategy, like its other communications efforts, should be fully aligned with your corporate identity. This includes detailed planning of the video production and storyline.

    Appeal to as many of the consumer’s senses as possible and tell a story around your products so that it remains in the customer’s memory. Messaging that appeals to the user’s emotional level and trigger both cognitive and affective responses are particularly suitable.

    Emotions such as joy, enthusiasm, and humor evoke strong, positive feelings. Stage the product in such a way that it triggers positive emotions and reduces negative ones, for example, by showing what problems it solves.

    The Basic eCommerce Video Creation Process

    When creating product videos, it’s important to follow basic steps and plan the entire process carefully. A good starting point is to set clear goals and create a detailed storyboard.

    Once the product video shoot is complete, post-production follows to ensure the best results. Finally, publish product videos on product pages at your retail partners to maximize reach and achieve the desired results.

    Here is a summary of the basic process for creating eCommerce video ads:

    1. Define the video’s purpose: Define the goal of the product video and the main message to be conveyed.
    2. Create a script and storyboard: Develop a script that structures the flow of the video. Then create a storyboard to plan the visual execution.
    3. Shoot footage: Record the video footage to showcase the product and its features in an engaging way. Make sure the footage is of high quality.
    4. Editing and post-production: Edit the captured footage together and add music, sound effects, and graphics to enhance the product video. Refine the colors and visual effects.
    5. Publishing and distribution: Select appropriate platforms to publish the product video, such as your website, social media, or your retailer’s product pages. Use SEO techniques to increase visibility and actively promote the video to achieve wider reach.

    Choosing the Right Type of Video Content

    When creating product videos, it’s crucial to focus on the product’s features and back them up through storytelling. eCommerce product videos serve various purposes. Determine which type of video fits your products the best, and mix in some review videos for best results.

    Here are some of the things to focus on when you’re developing your video marketing strategy:

    • Product features and benefits: Identify the product’s important features and its benefits to the target audience. Consider how best to present these in your video to capture viewer interest.
    • Storytelling: Use the power of storytelling to create an emotional connection. Develop a story around the product that engages viewers while conveying the core message. Unboxing videos are great for this.
    • Use cases: Demonstrate different ways the product can be used to make the benefits clear to the target audience. Demonstrate how the product can solve problems or improve customers’ lives.
    • Customer testimonials: Include testimonials or customer reviews to build trust. Show how the product has already helped other customers and the positive experiences they have had.
    • Demonstrate the product: Use visual elements to show the product in action. Close-ups, detailed views, and product comparisons can help highlight the uniqueness and quality of the product.

    2. Plan and Prepare

    female web designer with papers notes office 1 1

    An important variable in the creation of a product video is the target audience. Clearly define who benefits from your product and how these users can best be addressed. These considerations influence the further realization of the marketing campaign.

    The core message of a product video should be based on the target group. Use effective storytelling to give the product a positive role and motivate potential buyers. Use a storyboard to visualize individual scenes of the product video to simplify planning.

    The product presentation should not only be appealing in terms of content, but also appear to be of high quality. Therefore, pay attention to suitable recording techniques and the use of appropriate resources.

    What’s most important, though, is to present the product’s features in a way that makes it seem irresistible, and allow potential customers to view the product from different perspectives.

    3. Film and Produce

    man filming with professional camera 1 1

    ECommerce video marketing does not always require extraordinary equipment. It is often more effective to make the best use of the existing production environment.

    Lighting is particularly important in order to present the product in a highly visible and appealing way. Use bright settings to showcase all the product’s features.

    Sound also plays an important role in creating high-quality product presentations. For noisy products like a lawn mower, place microphones in the appropriate locations.

    Be sure to adjust the volume appropriately so as not to drown out the spoken content. Using appropriate background music can also enhance the emotional impact.

    Avoid shaky camera work and adjust the video length to the complexity of the product.

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    4. Editing and Post Production

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    After you record your videos, you should edit and refine them into a first version. Select the best material to include in your edits. This first rough cut forms the basis for further editing and post-production using suitable video editing tools.

    Be selective with the usage of effects to support the message of the campaign. Music appeals to consumers on an emotional level and can help create a desire for the product.

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    Sound effects and graphics are also great for emphasizing the message of the product video. If specific actions are desired by the viewer, specific call-to-actions can be formulated. At this step, also make sure to fine-tune color corrections and visual effects to fully complete the video editing.

    5. Publish and Display

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    The DemoUp Cliplister Brand Channel lets you automatically publish product videos to your leading retailers.

    When publishing your ecommerce product video, you as a company have the option of using various channels. Carefully select the relevant platforms on which your product videos should be played out.

    A particularly effective strategy is to integrate these videos on your website, your retail partners’ various product pages, and specific landing pages. However, the most important thing is that your content is consistent across all channels.

    Displaying your own eCommerce video ads on your company’s website can increase average traffic to your site by up to 10% simply by increasing dwell time on the site, which is an important ranking factor.

    Another channel where videos are effective is social media marketing. Optimize your eCommerce product video for both of these channels to achieve maximum success and reach a broad user base.

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    6. Measure ECommerce Product Video ROI

    Features Analytics

    The success of product videos can be measured in terms of return on investment (ROI). This involves checking whether a video has promoted the sale of the product and to what extent the defined goals have been achieved.

    Specific key figures are relevant here, so you should include them in the calculation of the ROI. Depending on the number of distribution channels, a distinction must be made between absolute and relative ROI.

    In addition to the number of video views, the conversion rate and other important key performance indicators (KPIs) are also decisive. For the calculation of the ROI, the product price and the invested amount are also required.

    With the help of these key performance indicators, the ROI can be determined to evaluate the effectiveness of the product video and analyze its performance.

    Wrapping Up

    A holistic eCommerce product video strategy plays a prominent role in increasing a company’s sales rate. According to a recent study by Trusted Shops, eCommerce sales can be increased by up to 71% through the use of this type of content.

    To ensure the success of a product video, certain key factors are of great importance and should be considered throughout the creation process.

    When producing marketing videos, defining specific goals and messages and creating an appropriate storyboard are key.

    On this basis, planned recordings can be carried out and then edited. The final step is to publish the finished video on selected channels.

    An effective video strategy can therefore help increase the visibility of your brand, attract the interest of potential customers, and ultimately increase sales.

    DemoUp Cliplister ECommerce Product Video Solutions

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    To create an eCommerce product video, showcase key features, use high-quality visuals, keep it concise, include a call-to-action, and optimize for mobile viewing.

    An eCommerce product video is a short promotional clip highlighting the features and benefits of a product to drive sales and engage online shoppers.

    A promotional eCommerce product video typically spans 30-60 seconds for concise highlights. However, for review or tutorial videos, a length of up to 10-12 minutes may be suitable, depending on content depth.

    Make a demo video showcasing product usage, a tutorial video explaining its features, or a testimonial video featuring customer experiences to enhance trust and sales. All of these can be included as part of a review video.

    The easiest way to get your eCommerce product video in front of customers is to display it directly on the product detail page. Book a demo of our Brand Channel software to learn how to do this quickly and efficiently.