Ever wonder why people love unboxing videos? You know, the ones with people opening expensive products?

    Well, we have answers. We analyzed over 200 hours of unboxing video content to find the best unboxing videos of all time.

    In this article, we break down the elements of successful unboxing videos, provide you with inspiration for unboxing video ideas, and help you on your way to product video success.

    Before we jump into it, it’s important to remember that influencers produce these videos on behalf of brands. Usually, the creators get some sort of affiliate commission or are paid as part of an influencer agreement.

    So, while these videos are on YouTube, your brand is missing out if this is the only place your customers can discover them.

    A comprehensive product video strategy should include a way to publish your content on every relevant channel, from social media to the product detail pages (PDPs) at your major retail partners.

    What are the best unboxing videos?

    Before we can start looking at how you can create the best unboxing content, we need to understand what unboxing videos are. Unboxing is much more than just showcasing a product. It’s about building an experience.

    Unboxing videos are a genre of user-generated content (UGC) where influencers reveal and describe a product’s features as they open it.

    A woman presents a smartphone, which are some of the most popular and best unboxing videos in electronics.

    These videos not only showcase what’s inside the box but also capture the initial reactions and emotions of the influencer, adding a layer of authenticity and excitement.

    For a deeper dive into the power of these videos, check out our ultimate guide to product videos. Now, let’s unwrap the allure behind this content. Here’s our best unboxing videos list:

    1. Google Pixel Watch Unboxing

    The Google Pixel Watch video is a prominent standout for its concise and informative delivery. The influencer, with a keen eye for detail, discusses the watch’s features, weighing the pros and cons. Their expertise shines as they navigate the functionalities with a creative unboxing video.


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    The Google Pixel Watch unboxing by Tim Schofield is the best unboxing video we found.

    Plus, the reviewer’s deep understanding ensures they can show off the watch’s capabilities with ease. For an in-depth look, watch the video by Tim Schofield here.

    If you watch to the end of this video, it highlights arguably the biggest problem with YouTube for content distribution.

    After the video ends, the YouTube algorithm promptly displays unboxing shorts from Google’s competitors, like Apple, Samsung, and Garmin.

    Check out our article on YouTube alternatives to learn how to avoid this.

    2. Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 Unboxing

    The Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 video is a prime example of the best unboxing videos. It’s a clear, concise, and comprehensive guide to the product, covering price, features, function, and accessories. Plus, it delivers the content in a way that’s easy to digest, which makes it a go-to resource for potential buyers.


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    Samsung Galaxy Z Flip 4 unboxing video.

    The reviewer provides an open and honest overview of the product. His transparency in revealing that the product was purchased independently adds a layer of trust and credibility right from the start. Credit to Zollotech for the video Zollotech.

    3. PS4 Slim Unboxing

    For those seeking unboxing video ideas, this PS4 Slim video is a treasure trove. It exemplifies what compelling review videos should encapsulate within the unboxing genre. It not only showcases the sleek new console but also offers a thoughtful comparison with its predecessor, highlighting the upgrades and new features.


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    Sony PS4 Slim unboxing & review by DetroitBORG.

    What sets this unboxing apart is how @DetroitBORG manages to create one of the best unboxing videos for Sony, amassing over 1.2 million views. It’s a testament to the power of a well-crafted unboxing experience.

    4. Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max Unboxing

    Apple’s iPhone 14 Pro Max video taps into the user-generated content trend with a focus on authenticity that resonates with viewers. The curated aesthetic feels genuine, as if you’re experiencing the product through the eyes of a respected friend.


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    iPhone 14 Pro Max Unboxing Video

    We love this video. It resonates because the influencer is super relatable, comes across as genuine, and because he includes first-time setup instructions.

    It makes it an unboxing video and tutorial video all in one. Well done, @Trending Reviews.

    5. Xbox Series X Unboxing

    The Xbox Series X video is an ultimate guide, embodying what a cool unboxing video should be. It’s comprehensive, covering everything from the initial unboxing to the final gameplay settings. This level of detail makes it an invaluable resource for viewers. Learn more about it in our article on unboxing videos.


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    XBox Series X unboxing.

    Creativity comes into play when addressing unexpected hiccups, as seen in this Xbox Series X unboxing. It’s a testament to how editing and post-production enhance the viewer’s experience. For more engaging content ideas, check out @GeekStreet.

    6. Nintendo Switch Unboxing


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    Nintendo Switch unboxing video by Detroit Borg.

    Making another appearance on our list, @DetroitBORG nails it with the Nintendo Switch unboxing. This video hits the mark, especially for parents with young kids and mobile gaming fans. It explores the product’s durability – an essential factor for the intended audience.

    Despite targeting a specific audience, the video doesn’t ignore the technical details that his established fans appreciate. It provides thorough insights into the Switch’s battery life, screen resolution, and storage options, striking a perfect balance for a diverse viewership.

    7. Toy Story Blu-Ray Unboxing

    The unboxing trend has roots in collectors sharing their excitement as they open special edition packs. These include everything from trading cards and movie box sets.

    This Toy Story Blu-Ray unboxing by @J’s Blu-Rays exemplifies this origin. He explores each aspect of the special edition, from the intricacies of the case design to the artwork on the disc itself.


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    Toy Story Blu-ray unboxing.

    With over 175k views, this video is a testament to the universal appeal of unboxing content. It proves that the joy of discovery is captivating, no matter what’s inside the box.

    8. Amazon Echo Show 8 Unboxing

    The Amazon Echo Show 8 video is a comprehensive showcase that ticks all the boxes for what unboxing should entail. It’s a thorough walk-through that potential buyers should find invaluable.

    • Introduction
    • Unboxing
    • Comparison to Echo Show 5
    • Initial Set Up
    • Use of top features (camera, speaker, and display)
    • Overall Impression

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    Amazon Echo Show 8 unboxing video.

    It’s an excellent blueprint for what to include in an unboxing video, making it an ideal feature for a product detail page. All credit goes to @Ians Tech for this informative presentation.

    9. GoPro Hero 8 Unboxing

    The GoPro Hero 8 Black unboxing is a stellar example of integrating tutorials into the unboxing process. It focuses on the user interface, offering viewers detailed information about this specific aspect of the product.


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    GoPro Hero8 unboxing & walkthrough video.

    In this video, @DCRainmaker creates content that not only unveils the product but also educates the audience on its use, enhancing the unboxing experience.

    10. Apple iPad 8 Unboxing

    The Apple iPad 8 video is a prime example of how set design, lighting, and editing can elevate the unboxing experience. It maintains the known minimalist aesthetic of Apple, mirroring the brand’s ethos throughout the video.


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    iPad 8th Gen unboxing and setup video.

    It’s also a showcase of a creative unboxing video using multiple camera angles, smart editing techniques, and excellent composition. Kudos to @Karl Conrad for crafting an unboxing that’s as stylish as it is informative.

    11. Logitech G29 Unboxing

    The Logitech G29 video stands out for its authenticity. The influencer’s genuine excitement is palpable, and his commentary on setup possibilities for the gaming wheel adds a personal touch that viewers can relate to.


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    Logitech G29 unboxing and reaction video.

    No wonder it’s a hit among gaming enthusiasts, as he targets the perfect audience. @Greg’s Arcade did well here to create content that resonates within the gaming community.

    12. Sennheiser Game One Unboxing

    The Sennheiser Game One video is a masterclass in brevity. In five minutes, the reviewer efficiently covers all the essentials, making it an excellent resource for viewers on the go.


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    Sennheiser Game One headset unboxing video.

    Concise videos like this are compelling because they respect the viewer’s time, delivering all the necessary information without the fluff. @CazuaLLUK shows this skill well with a streamlined and informative unboxing experience.

    How to Make the Best Unboxing Videos for Your Brand

    Throughout this article, we examined the top unboxing videos and why they’re so successful. But there are some things to remember when you want to make the best unboxing videos for your brand.

    Step 1: Find the Right Influencers for Your Audience

    While influencers with huge followings are attractive for many reasons, they may not always be the best choice.

    Before you jump into any agreement, consider industry experts or professional product testers alongside typical “influencers” for your unboxing video ideas.

    It means finding people like:

    • Baristas for coffee machines
    • Mothers or fathers for children’s products
    • Athletes for sporting equipment
    • And so on
    Product Video on PDP Example MediaMarkt
    A DemoUp Cliplister review video on a PDP.

    While influencer marketing focuses on top-of-the-funnel awareness, videos featuring actual people and experts who use products like these regularly carry more weight at the bottom of the funnel. Like on retailer PDPs, when customers are considering a purchase.

    Step 2: Consider Your Company’s Tone and Aesthetic

    Consistency in tone and aesthetics is vital for brand recognition and customer trust. When creating unboxing content, it’s essential to ensure that the video style aligns with your brand’s established communication style.

    For instance, the Apple iPad 8 video is a prime example of a brand maintaining its minimalist and sleek aesthetic, which is instantly recognizable and resonates with its audience.

    Conversely, if your brand’s personality is more lighthearted or comical, consider producing funny unboxing videos. These not only showcase your products but also entertain your audience, making your brand more memorable and relatable.

    Whether through humor, sophistication, or cutting-edge visuals, aligning your unboxing videos with your brand’s voice will create a cohesive and engaging customer experience.

    Step 3: Create Detailed Briefs

    With unboxing videos, clarity is key. Creators should have a crystal-clear understanding of what to showcase when they lift the lid off the box.

    A well-crafted brief is essential, outlining the must-haves, the no-goes, and the desired narrative arc of the video. This blueprint should also guide the set, setting, and lighting to ensure the visual quality meets content expectations.

    As seen in the example above, taken from one of our review videos, a detailed brief serves as a roadmap, ensuring the influencer or creator captures all necessary elements in one go.

    This minimizes the need for costly and time-consuming reshoots. It also streamlines the editing process, as the footage is more likely to follow a structured and coherent flow.

    In essence, it’s not just a set of instructions; it’s the foundation for a successful, engaging, and efficient unboxing video production.

    Step 4: Publish Where Your Buyers Are

    The customer journey often begins with a search query. However, it’s important to note that not all potential customers include “unboxing” in their initial searches.

    They may be looking for specific product features, reviews, or comparisons. It is where the strategic placement of your videos becomes crucial.

    Many retailers leverage ads to appear in product-specific searches. It means your unboxing videos have a higher chance of being seen if they are embedded directly on product detail pages (PDPs), not just on platforms like YouTube.

    By placing your content where buyers are already looking—on online shops and retailer websites—you ensure greater visibility and engagement.

    Integrating unboxing videos into retailer PDPs enhances your video marketing strategy. It makes it easy for consumers to find and view them during their decision-making process.

    This approach not only boosts product visibility but also aligns with modern buyer behavior. The goal is to provide shoppers with the information they need, where they need it.

    The Best Unboxing Videos for eCommerce

    Within eCommerce, unboxing videos are more than just a trend. They’re a powerful tool for engagement and conversion. DemoUp Cliplister having the best unboxing videos is a key advantage for a brand. So, we offer creation services tailored to the needs of brands and retailers.

    Our service streamlines the entire process, from hand-picking the right influencers to match your brand’s voice to the meticulous editing of content.

    Finally, we upload the final videos to our system and publish your videos across our vast network of over 350 global retailers.

    This seamless approach means you receive high-quality, detailed, and localized unboxing videos to meet the cultural nuances and expectations of your diverse customer base.

    With us, your brand can effortlessly deploy captivating unboxing videos right where your customers will see them—at the point of sale.

    This strategic placement not only enhances product visibility but also enriches the customer’s shopping experience, ultimately driving sales and more revenue.

    Unboxing videos at the point of sale

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    Wrapping Up

    The best unboxing videos earn their status by resonating with their target audience. They provide valuable information and feature influencers who bring authenticity and relatability to the table.

    These elements combined create content that not only entertains but also informs and influences purchasing decisions.

    If you’re looking to harness the power of unboxing videos for your brand, we’re here to help. Book a call with us, and let’s discuss how to elevate your content strategy to the next level.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Still unsure about what qualifies as the best unboxing videos? We collected and answered the most frequently asked questions about the topic below.

    Yes, unboxing videos remain popular. They offer authentic insights into products and can influence purchasing decisions. Consider including them in your eCommerce marketing strategy.

    Creating a captivating unboxing video involves:

    • Plan: Prepare a script or outline and a brief for your influencer.
    • Preparation: Ensure the set, setting, and lighting maintain your brand’s identity.
    • Presentation: Find influencers and talent with enthusiasm and authenticity.
    • Editing: Edit ruthlessly for a polished final video.
    • Publishing: Publish your videos where your customers will see them.

    These steps will help you craft an authentic and cool unboxing video for your brand.

    A great unboxing video features clear product shots, engaging narration, and genuine excitement. Keep it concise and authentic to resonate with viewers.

    Unboxing videos appeal to a broad audience, but they’re particularly popular among enthusiasts, product seekers, and consumers researching online purchases.

    These videos offer valuable insights into product quality and functionality, making them attractive to those looking for informed buying decisions.

    There are several ways to get unboxing videos:

    1. Create them yourself
    2. Outsource production
    3. Use a user-generated content collection program