Apple took the tech world by storm when it announced the Vision Pro XR Headset at WWDC 2023. A true masterclass in engineering, the headset is a monumental step forward for mixed reality (XR) technology. As such, it represents an opportunity for eCommerce brands and shops looking to capitalize on the latest trend in tech.

    What is the Apple Vision Pro?

    The Vision Pro is an XR headset engineered and produced by Apple. With over 5,000 patents, one of the top teams in tech, and seven years of development behind it, Apple aims to completely reset the standard for 3D, augmented reality (AR), and XR technology with its entry into the virtual reality market.

    Positioned as a full-on spatial computing device, the Apple Vision Pro is a game changer both for the tech industry and for eCommerce. Read on for why we think it has the potential to completely transform eCommerce marketing.

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    Why is Vision Pro a Big Deal?

    The Apple Vision Pro represents a huge jump in XR capabilities. It has 24 million pixels, which is orders of magnitude more than any prior headsets. With such a high resolution, it makes text readable. Poor readability is something most headsets struggle with. Plus, precise eye tracking and gesture control also provide a huge jump in capability and practicality.

    However, one of the major breakthroughs is that it features passthrough technology – meaning that anyone in your personal space is displayed through the headset.

    This solves one of the biggest problems currently facing VR tech. Not being able to see your surroundings is one of the biggest barriers to the widespread adoption of VR/AR/XR technology. However, this should make the headset more popular among the general public.

    How Does this Impact E-Commerce?

    In an industry dominated by media like videos, 3D, and augmented reality, Apple’s Vision Pro provides marketers with an incredible opportunity to immerse potential customers in their products. Because this represents such a big step forward in the quality of XR content, eCommerce brands and shops will need to adapt.

    Textures and modeling will require more attention to detail. Images and videos will need to be published in higher resolutions. And dynamic content delivery will be more important than ever before.

    These are just a few of the potential ways that this technology will impact eCommerce. The possibilities, though, are endless.

    Stay Ahead of the Curve

    While most eCommerce companies do well with content delivery given current standards, the introduction of the Vision Pro will reward forward-facing businesses that embrace this technology in the years to come. Here are some things you can do to avoid being left behind:

    Invest in 3D/AR Models

    As a spatial computing device, 3D and AR will be the device’s native media. Users will be able to see your products superimposed over their real-time environments. However, with such a high resolution, quality will take on a whole new meaning.

    Add to the fact that the device uses gesture control to manipulate objects, accurate 3D modeling and texturing will be crucial to enhance product understanding and reduce returns.

    (Note: Get in touch if you want high-quality 3D models and augmented reality experiences created and syndicated to the leading shops in the world.)

    Improve Your Video and Image Quality

    With a 4K display, your videos and images in lower resolutions will appear blurry and pixelated to anyone using the Apple headset (or any products that come later). You should consider this fact for any of the content you will publish after the launch date.

    Apple CEO Tim Cook says this should be “early next year [2024].”

    Convert Product Images to Videos or 3D/AR Models

    With the Vision Pro, videos and 3D/AR will be even more important. People investing $3,500 in an XR headset will not be content to simply view images. You will need to provide immersive, helpful content that truly reaches them on an emotional level to overcome purchase resistance.

    (Note: We convert images to videos and produce accurate 3D/AR models and syndicate them to the world’s leading online shops. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to assist you with your next project.)

    Consider Your Delivery Capabilities

    Higher resolutions mean bigger file sizes. If your delivery system doesn’t have some sort of built-in optimization capability, then your content will load slowly. Very slowly. According to Google, a one second delay in load times can impact conversions by up to 20% in retail.

    A dynamic image delivery system will be more important than ever for online retailers. Instead of having many versions of one image, you can simply upload one primary asset to your system and have it optimized based on the end user’s device. This dramatically improves customer experience and boosts conversion rates.

    (Note: Our dynamic image delivery technology can improve loading times by up to 50% on average. Get in touch with your shop domain and we’ll be happy to send you a free optimization report.)

    Consider Your DAM

    Many DAM systems are great at storing images, videos, and documents. But can yours handle the increased storage requirements of high-quality 3D/AR models? Can your system syndicate these assets to your retailers?

    If not it may be time to look for an upgrade.

    (Note: Our DAM is the only digital asset management software with built-in 3D, AR, and video syndication. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to show you a free demo.)

    The Takeaway

    The main takeaway for firms in the eCommerce space from Apple’s announcement is that times, and content, are changing. It will no longer suffice to simply place a few videos and images in your product gallery.

    You will need to reconsider everything from the type of content you create, your internal processes, and your management and distribution mechanisms.

    However, this isn’t a time to panic. It’s time to reevaluate the content formulas that have been working for the past 10-15 years and plan for new trends. The companies that do this will see success. The companies that don’t will be left behind.

    After all, it was Apple’s nemesis, Microsoft founder Bill Gates, who coined the term “Content is King“.

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