DemoUp and Cliplister join forces

    • New platform includes 2,000 global brands and 300 online shops in 25 countries
    • Further development as holistic platform and further international expansion planned
    • Product Experience Management becomes key success factor for brands and retailers

    Berlin, July 8, 2021 – The two Germany-based platforms DemoUp and Cliplister, providing brands and retailers with the creation, management and distribution of various content formats, are joining forces. Under the joint name ‘DemoUp Cliplister’, the two companies are bundling their international customer portfolios and technological setup to create Europe’s leading platform in the field of product experience management. The new software-as-a-service platform has over 300 connected online stores – including market leaders such as Otto, Coop, Fnac – and more than 2,000 brands, including Microsoft, Samsung, Philips and Bosch. 

    As a result of the DemoUp Cliplister merger, the company is massively expanding its technological features. These include, for example, the possibility for brands to distribute 3D and augmented reality content to connected stores in addition to videos, the automatic optimization of image files to avoid long loading times for store pages, and the use of AI technology for automated content screening and management. DemoUp Cliplister is massively investing in the expansion of its AI technologies and, due to high demand, it is expanding the pool of professional influencers for the creation of exclusive product reviews

    DemoUp Cliplister is already active in over 25 countries worldwide – with a focus on Europe and is aiming for further internationalization. 

    Customers demand a multimedia product experience

    In the booming eCommerce sector, it is becoming clear which retailers and brands are able to comprehensively meet customer demands. 

    “Online customers want an authentic presentation of a product in order to be able to make an informed purchase decision. Bringing eCommerce to life is a great opportunity for retailers and brands.”

    Nader El Ali – CEO, DemoUp Cliplister

    With product videos alone, the likelihood of a product purchase could be already significantly increased: DemoUp’s analyses show that the likelihood of a product purchase can be up to 40 percent higher for customers who have previously watched an informative product video than for customers who have not watched a product video. 

    Product Experience Management is becoming a critical success factor for brands and retailers 

    Looking at many retailers and brands, DemoUp Cliplister CEO Nader El Ali sees a lot of room for improvement and optimization when it comes to offering customers a full multimedia product experience. 

    “Ever-faster production cycles and changing customer preferences require the ongoing creation of new product content by brands and the continuous updating of content by retailers. Manual transfer of content between brands and retailers is extremely time-consuming. With DemoUp Cliplister, brands can distribute their content to all international retailers on the platform simultaneously at the push of a button.”

    Nader El Ali – CEO, DemoUp Cliplister

    In addition, brands and online retailers have a wide range of controlling and tracking options at their fingertips, such as how video views or how the bounce rate develops when a video is shown. This information can be used to improve the product presentation on an ongoing basis.

    DemoUp Cliplister also offers a digital asset management system specialized for eCommerce needs to efficiently organize and manage large amounts of content such as photos, 3D, videos, logos and test labels in the cloud. This also includes AI tools to sort out duplicates and automatically detect legal defects in product photos.

    Merger creates new optimization opportunities for brands and online retailers

    “We have been thinking about how we can help our customers accelerate their international growth. The merger of DemoUp and Cliplister now allows us to offer full optimization capabilities to our 2,300 customers and partners.”

    Ali Gürler – Cliplister Founder

    Investor Björn Jopen still sees significant growth potential in DemoUp Cliplister’s field of activity: 

    In the USA, the market for B2B content platforms has already developed very strongly. With DemoUp and Cliplister, two complementary providers are now merging to dominate the European market. The focus on technological trends such as 3D and augmented reality, areas in which tech giants such as Apple and Amazon are currently heavily investing, will further accelerate our growth.

    Björn Jopen – Investor

    Technology Return served as Cliplister’s M&A advisor on the transaction, and Pier11 provided legal counsel.

    About DemoUp Cliplister
    DemoUp Cliplister is a platform that enables retailers and brands to create, manage and automate the distribution of various content formats, including images, videos, 3D and augmented reality content.

    With the help of various technical features and the use of AI technology, the processing of content elements can be significantly simplified and accelerated.

    By optimizing image files, the loading time of online shops can be reduced by 3x while heavily reducing hosting and CDN costs.

    The company emerged in 2021 out of the merger of the two companies DemoUp (founded in 2014) and Cliplister (founded in 2007). Roughly 100 employees work for DemoUp Cliplister at its offices in Berlin and Kiel. The company is active in 25 countries. Among the investors are Björn Jopen, Dr. Fabian Bohne, Rheingau Ventures, Born2grow and Mountain Partners.