Because the best product content syndication software solutions are so similar, buyers typically choose options based on price, content coverage, and ease of use. Reading reviews on sites like G2 or Capterra helps, but these sources often lack the specifics you need to decide.

    Several of our clients switched from Videoly to DemoUp Cliplister or used other Videoly alternatives, so we know why Videoly works in some cases but not others.

    The following post covers the pros and cons of Videoly, plus five other options, starting with DemoUp Cliplister’s product content syndication software.

    Videoly’s Core Features

    Videoly’s primary function is to display videos associated with product content on online stores’ product pages. This requires a database to match product numbers with brand-created video content. This is called product content syndication.

    Like most syndication solutions, Videoly allows users to search for videos based on product, language, and other criteria.

    Videoly’s software includes several functions:

    • Copy and Paste Script Implementation: Users install Videoly by copying and pasting the code into your online store.
    • Mobile Optimization: All the video content Videoly syndicates is fully mobile-optimized, meaning they are ready for viewing on any device.
    • Video Genre Display: Videoly shows a category over all the videos it syndicates in a shop, meaning that consumers can always watch the most relevant content for their needs.
    • Automatic Content Checks: Videoly monitors the video syndication feed for broken links.

    Videoly integrates easily into online shops, including those hosted on WordPress, WooCommerce, Shopify or any other eCommerce platform.

    Pros & Cons of Videoly

    The reason Videoly is so popular is that the content syndication is functional and reliable while being customizable enough to suit online shops of any size. Videoly works well for businesses of all sizes because it’s so easy to implement without the help of an IT department.

    The flip side to this is that Videoly only offers content from YouTube. Therefore, online shops often miss the best video content available – the ones uploaded to content syndication networks by brands but may not make it onto a manufacturer’s YouTube channel.

    Therefore, much of the video content Videoly makes available to online shops is made to appeal to a broad audience and cover a family of products, which means customers lose out on much of the specificity they’re looking for.

    DemoUp Cliplister: The Top Alternative to Videoly

    DemoUp Cliplister is the best of the Videoly alternatives.
    DemoUp Cliplister: Videoly’s Best Alternative

    While we could simply name ourselves the best Videoly competitor and be done, that’s not our style. We’re here to make sure you get the best solution for your needs.

    Our product content syndication software can be broken down into two categories, as can Videoly:

    In other words, we facilitate brand-retailer collaboration by enabling the seamless flow of product media from brands to online stores’ product pages. This benefits both sides of the equation and enables consistent product experiences across multiple channels and regions.

    Here is a breakdown of how each side of the software compares to Videoly:

    DemoUp Cliplister for Brands

    Our Brand Channel product media syndication software offers several features not offered by Videoly. First and foremost, Videoly only offers brands the ability to syndicate product videos. DemoUp Cliplister syndicates all forms of product media including 3D/AR, reviews, and product videos.

    Plus, the Brand Channel allows you to fully manage all your product content on all relevant PDPs from a central location. You can specify go-live and take-down dates, sync new content to pages using EAN numbers, or remove outdated content across the entire network of 350+ retailers.

    This helps you control the narrative at all your most important online shops, reduces the time spent managing content, and eliminates the need for spreadsheets and manual email threads at connected online shops.

    DemoUp Cliplister for Online Stores

    Features Analytics
    DemoUp Cliplister analytics for online shops.

    DemoUp Cliplister’s solution for online stores acts as a database of digital assets that brands have made available for use on retailer website product pages. This helps you build something more like the in-store experience online.

    You also have access to media from thousands of brands, which helps improve content coverage where your customers want to learn about products before they add-to-cart.

    Here are other key features that distinguish DemoUp Cliplister from Videoly:

    • 300,000+ Videos from 3,000+ Brands: DemoUp Cliplister’s software makes content available directly from the brands you carry, and cuts YouTube out of the equation.
    • Automated Content Matching: DemoUp Cliplister uses artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML) techniques to quickly and automatically match new content to products.
    • 3D and AR Product Model Syndication: DemoUp Cliplister also syndicates 3D and AR product models to online retailers, which can improve conversions by 40%.
    • Better SEO: Our native video player loads faster, which improves page speed and results in users spending more time on your pages.
    • Multi-Lingual Content Database: DemoUp Cliplister gets content from brands in over 25 languages, so you always have the perfect video for your audience.
    • On-Board Data Analytics: Our platform helps you analyze which videos perform the best so you can run better A/B tests and optimize add-to-cart conversions.

    As a shop, brands send you their product media through the network automatically, which helps your eCommerce colleagues continue working on what matters – selling more products.

    How Videoly & DemoUp Cliplister Compare

    In comparison to Videoly, DemoUp Cliplister has:

    • Faster availability – AI and ML techniques mean DemoUp Cliplister is second to none in this area.
    • Customizable video player – Use a native video player instead of YouTube’s.
    • Better customer experience – By avoiding YouTube, customers are less likely to see ads or end up on a third-party site.
    • Content creation services – We offer content creation services for brands including 3D/AR model production and review video production.
    • Easy content management – Our Brand Channel software allows you to manage all your digital assets including product media, images, and datasheets from a central location.

    Let’s take a more in-depth look at how DemoUp Cliplister and Videoly compare to other alternatives.

    Other Top Videoly Alternatives

    In addition to DemoUp Cliplister, many people looking for Videoly alternatives also check out Flixmedia, loadbee, Skeepers, Wistia, and Yago.


    Flixmedia 1
    The Flixmedia homepage

    Flixmedia enriches content directly on the page using Hotspots (icons on the hero image), MiniSites (pop-ups) and built-in A/B testing ability.

    While retailers can join the network free of charge, the loading times tend to be on the slow side. Furthermore, retailers cannot upload their own content and the software has a limited range of analytics.

    The biggest complaint among Flixmedia users, however, is that the video coverage is poor.

    (Note: DemoUp Cliplister offers 20x – 30x better product video coverage than Flixmedia. Read our article on Flixmedia alternatives for the best product content syndication software options.)


    Loadbee’s Website

    Loadbee is very similar to Flixmedia in that it syndicates product videos from brands to retailers free of charge.

    However, like Flixmedia, it does not have an active sourcing service, offers few analytics, and has a limited network of brands, which leads many people to look for alternatives to loadbee.

    The biggest complaint we hear from former Loadbee users, though, is that the integration loads very slowly. This impacts performance and the user experience, which negatively impact rankings in search engines.


    The Skeepers homepage

    Skeepers is a user-generated content (UGC) platform that helps brands and shops create, collect and distribute product review videos and other UGC through a proprietary video player. The company takes over the entire product video production process and syndicates the finished asset to retailers.

    While Skeepers is great for brands who want to use review videos as their primary content, the firm does not provide any other form of product media. The platform also offers limited availability outside of the French market.


    Wistia’s website

    Wistia is a pureplay video hosting service. This means that you have full control over all videos and get a full suite of analytics – but you must manage and host everything yourself. There is no eCommerce video database, which means there is no AI-assisted content matching.

    A huge pain point for many eCommerce shops is having to manually track down updated content from brands. If this is a struggle for you, Wistia probably won’t be your ideal solution.

    Wistia is also a big strain on IT resources, as the client’s IT team is responsible for implementing the application. Read more about Wistia alternatives in our comparison article.


    Yago’s homepage

    Yago is an application that delivers augmented reality scenes to your customers. The software is especially useful for helping your customers view your products in real-time – in their environments – and is especially noteworthy for verticals like furniture or DIY.

    While its AR experiences are on par with industry leaders, it cannot distribute basic content like videos or images to customers.

    Getting Started with DemoUp Cliplister

    While features are important, online shops must consider their specific needs and the overall customer experience they want to portray to their visitors when shopping for the top product content syndication solution. Most systems have some of the following functionalities:

    • Syndication of brand-created content to product pages
    • A content creation service
    • A content-matching mechanism
    • Mobile-optimized content
    • Content analytics

    We designed DemoUp Cliplister to fit in the price range of most medium-sized businesses but scalable enough for global enterprises. We are committed to your success and will tell you if we don’t think we can help.

    To see how DemoUp Cliplister can accelerate your eCommerce growth, schedule a consultation or send us an email to request a trial account or more information.

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